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Chiffon Fabric colors

Chiffon Fabric colors

By Alammari Textiles

The Different Colours of Chiffon Fabric


Chiffon fabric is an airy, sheer plain weave cloth created out of highly twisted filament yarns. Such technology provides exceptional fineness and a slightly textured hand. Most commonly made of silk, it is used both for special occasion and casual outfits, such as dresses, skirts and blouses, all especially popular in summer.

Chiffon is one of the best types of fabrics preferred by many women because it’s easy to control. It’s used in making of many types of clothing like dresses, skirts, pants, and blouses. Chiffon has been used recently in some designs related to decorations such as curtains and plain and embroidered tablecloths. There are also some shops that use chiffon to decorate gifts and make aesthetic shapes for homes and offices.

There are many establishments and companies that provide Chiffon Fabric, but if you’re looking for the best institution through which you can get Chiffon with unmatched quality and durability at a reasonable price, then Al Ammari Textiles is your number one destination.

White Chiffon Fabric is used in making wedding dresses and some modern women's clothes that we can born when leaving the house in the morning. This distinctive colour.

Different Types of Chiffon

·         Silk crepe chiffon

·         Jacquard chiffon

·         Double faced chiffon

·         Silk satin chiffon

·         Chameleon chiffon

·         Chiffon with coating

·         Pearl chiffon

·         Chiffon with lurex

How to Dye Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon can be dyed. The trick is knowing which fibres the dress or outfit was made from before you go and buy the dye. Some chiffon fibres cannot be dyed simply because they are synthetic, or they cannot be washed.

1)     You will need acid dye powder, white vinegar, and your washing machine.

2)     Fill a sink, tub, or bucket with undiluted vinegar. Make sure there is enough vinegar in those items to cover the dress. Soak the dress in this liquid for 30 minutes.

3)     ​Fill your washing machine with hot water and just enough to cover the dress. You will need the delicate cycle, hot wash, and a cold rinse.

4)     For a medium colour tone use about half the package of acid dye powder. If you want darker add more and if you want lighter, add less than half a pack. Make your decision and add the powder to the water in your washing machine.

5)     Now place your vinegar-soaked dress to the mixture and run it through a full cycle.

6)     When the cycle is over, remove the dress from the machine. The colour will be darker when it is wet so if it isn’t the right shade repeat the process all over again. When satisfied with the colour, wash the dress normally on the delicate cycle and hang to dry.

Uses of Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon is suitable for designing beautiful dresses, blouses, and skirts, as it’s available in attractive and different patterns. This variety makes it suitable for all tastes and suitable for women of all ages.

Chiffon fabric has many different features. The most important of which is its light weight, as women cannot feel the burden of wearing it like some other heavy fabrics such as cotton, linen, or wool. it also has great softness, so women do not develop sensitivity from it.

Chiffon can be used alone in making the design of the dress, skirt, or blouse that you want. However, in this case, you will need the design to be composed of more than one layer of chiffon because it’s a transparent fabric. You can overcome this problem by mixing the Chiffon with other fabrics like linen, satin, or cotton to make a lining under the Chiffon.

 Chiffon has been used recently in some designs related to decorations such as curtains and plain and embroidered tablecloths. There are also some shops that use chiffon to decorate gifts and make aesthetic shapes for homes and offices.

Features of Chiffon Fabric

-          Chiffon is used in designing many women’s clothing like skirts, blouses, blazers, and morning and evening dresses.

-          Chiffon is lightweight and is suitable for summer and spring.

-          Chiffon does not cause irritation or skin sensitivity.

-          Chiffon is quite flexible and easy to control, which makes the designers able to use it smoothly and simply to come up with wonderful and attractive designs.

Why Chiffon is a Great Fabric?

-         Hypoallergency. Silk and cotton fibres are natural and feel sumptuous against your skin.

-         Air permeability. Regardless of the fibre type, chiffon is created with a plain weave always providing good ventilation properties.

-         Hygroscopicity. It absorbs water well and lets your skin breathe.

-         Softness. Chiffon feels tender against your body and creates soft silhouettes.

-         Drapability. As follows from the previous feature, soft chiffon structure makes elegant drapes.

-         Body temperature retaining. Silk fibres have outstanding thermoregulation properties, even in case of rather loose crepe-like weave.

-         Resistance to tearing. This is a typical feature of cotton chiffon fabrics.

-         Feminine and elegant. Sheer, flowy and tender, it is definitely one of the chicest textiles, imbuing any woman with a particular grace.



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