Violet silk

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28.75 SAR / Meter

VAT inclusive

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Al-Ammari Fabrics Installation 100% polyester
Al-Ammari Fabrics Indications Abayas
Al-Ammari Fabrics Width 68 Inch
Al-Ammari Fabrics Manufacturer Korea
Al-Ammari Fabrics SKU 0690901095001
Al-Ammari Fabrics

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Violet silk

28.75 SAR / Meter

VAT inclusive
Al-Ammari Fabrics - Violet silk


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Washing instructions:

*The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

* Washed by hand only (Do not use too much detergent/washing powder).

*Do not use any washing powder or detergent that contains bleach or bleaching liquid.

* Rinse should be done completely by using plenty of water to remove any remaining detergents.

*Avoid drying clothes in the rotating drum as they will get tangled.

* To be dried in the shade.

* Take care when ironing that the temperature of the iron does not exceed 110 degrees Celsius.


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